Thursday, November 19, 2015 much our lives have changed in the last 9 months!!!

So I thought I should finally update since I do have some really exciting news!

For those of you that don't know, Krue and I have been very blessed with someone special in our lives. I have been lucky enough to have fallen head over heels in love with an amazing man! Matt and I have known each other for about 5 yrs but because life is crazy we always just stayed friends. But somehow fate kept bringing us back together. We officially started dating in August. It has been an amazing 8 months. I never thought I could be this happy with someone. And the best part of all he is the most amazing Dad ever. He is perfect with Krue. We feel extremley lucky to have each other. On December 23, we got engaged! We are so excited, we are thinking sometime in September but will keep everybody posted(ha ha, probably just not on here. Since I suck at blogging, I am sure Starr will though).

Well since then life has been a little crazy. I started the semester back up and then in Feb. got a call from the DM up north saying they had a position open up. Since Matts business and house are in South Ogden I had talked to him about letting me know when anything opens up, I just didn't think it would be so soon. The oppertunity was too good to pass up. It was a store manager position in the Layton Hills Mall, which is busier and does more volume, which meant a promotion for me. It was hard because I had been enjoying all my classes at Dixie so much, and the thought of leaving all of my family killed me, but we decided I couldn't pass up a good job, especiallly right now. So we have now moved to South Ogden! Jazzy moved with us to Nanny full time, which we are so grateful for. Matt already owns a beautiful house here, which was a bachelor pad, but now we have made it into a home.

I can't thank everyone enough for helping us and supporting us over the last few months. I can't thank Matt enough for being patient with me through the move and leaving my family. We have all been really close and all of my family has been such a big help with Krue and I could never thank them enough. I know it's hard on all of us to be far away but I hope they know how much we miss them. OH and we have a knew love, Skype!!! It's awesome.

Krue, is getting so big and SO SO smart, he sings all of Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, counts to 7, spells his name and talks up a storm!! We are trying the alphabet but whenever we get to K he just starts spelling his name, a little confusing. He did great adjusting to the new house but I know he misses everyone.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4th of July

So behind on this blogging stuff, but trying to update before school gets back in...

I will have Krue's birthday pics and some other fun summer pics posted soon!

These pics are from the 4th of July. Every year since I can remember we have had a big celebration on the 3rd at my aunt Nancy's house. The festivities start off with a Parade around Staheli Hill. Then a picnic and and firework show. Then everyone sleeps on her front lawn and they tell scary stories all night. I have always loved this tradition and was so excited to have Krue doing it with me this year! We (or I) got really into it. I bought an aweome wagon and Starr and Jessica helped decorate it for Krue and Zhar to ride in. The parade was very succesful this year and it was fun to see krue watcth the fireworks. We did not spend the night this year cause I was a little unsure about how Krue would do we are definately planning on it next year.

On 4th of July morning we went to the washington city park to participate in the races which is also a family tradition. Krue was in the under 1 age group along with his cousin Zhar. Zhar is walking already and took 1st place but Krue came in right behind him and took 2nd so he was the fastest crawler. It was so fun! Krue and Zhar are going to be great buddy's. That evening we went to the sunbowl to watch fireworks and Krue was so funny. He would just watch them so intently and then look at me and ramble about something, then sometimes laugh. He just seemed so amazed by them.

We had a lot of fun this year and cant wait for the next holiday!

Watching Fireworks

This is the cake walk at the Park. I think I might see how to get involved in this next year cause the cake walk was just not what is usually is. They were giving out Cinamin buns as the prizes. Dumb... I guess its just the fun of doing it though.

The dollar Krue won in the race

Krue and Zhar with their prize money$$$

The race! He is usually so scared of the grass I didnt think he was going to move but we bribed him with Starrs phone! Good Job Krue!!

Getting ready for the race, got our game faces on, haha

Playing on Aunt Nancy's lawn

My Cute sisters, arent we festive?

The parade, we had the best float for sure

My family! Watching the parade, I expect to see Starr and Chad in the Parade next year.

Krue and Zhar with their moms.
Cute boys. It was impossible to get a pic of both of them smiling or waving at the same time. They just kept pulling at each other necklaces and starting pulling off the decoration by the end. Thanks for pulling the wagon Derek.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long Overdue Post!

This is Madison's sister Starr. I talked her into making a blog when I lived in Salt Lake so I could watch Krue grow, but as soon as I moved down here she stopped posting. She is super busy being a mom, going to school, and working full time so I am going to post some pictures from the last 6 months to get her blog up to date, and then maybe she'll be able to keep it updated!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall, Family and Fun!

This past weekend we went to Salt Lake to visit Starr and Chad. We decided to go before it got to cold up there. On Friday Jasmine, Dylan, Krue and I jumped in the car and headed up. I wasn't sure how Krue was going to do, being that this was his first long car ride, but he did great(slept pretty much the whole time). It was nice to get to talk with Jasmine on the the way up and back. With her going to school and work we really never get to just sit and talk. Starr and Chad have the cutest little appartment and it is perfect size for the two of them...but it was a little cozy with all of us staying there:) They were sweet to let us invade and take over their house. When we got there of course Starr was so excited to see Krue and wanted to hold him. She even got to feed him rice. Krue is just starting to eat a little rice right before bed. He is so funny, he is not quite sure how to eat it, but he seems to enjoy it and he sleeps through the night so that makes us all happy. Then they were nice enought to babysat for me while I went to dinner with Ryan, his sister and one of her friends. On Sat. morning we went to Starr's salon to get our hair done. I hadn't been to her salon before and it was very fun to see it. It is a cute little place and I am so proud of her for all of her hard work. The other girls really seemed to respect her and she has built up a good clientel. Then, the fun part, we went to Gateway to go shopping! I got to spend a great amount of time in Urban Outfitters which I havent done since I was pregnant and I was so excited! I got some great winter stuff, yay. We spent the whole day there and met Casey and Chris for dinner. Krue slept alot of the day, he really enjoys being pushed around in his stroller. On Sunday we went to church and then to lunch. When we got home we wanted to take pics of us since we were all dressed up and Krue looked so handsome. The pics that we are all in, we actually set the camera on the steps and set the timer. So we are pretty proud of how they turned out.

It was alot of fun! Thanks Starr and Chad for having us.

Aunt Starr feeding Krue

All bundled up at Gateway

Photo Shoot.

This is my serious face...
This is my happy face...

I love my Family!